Promoting exchange and mutual development. Hunan Pharmaceutical Industry Association visits Yaopharma for investigation and research.

27 / 11 / 2023

On November 25, 2023, Liu Ling’an, Chairman of Hunan Pharmaceutical Industry Association and actual controller of Hunan Hansen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code 002412), led a team to Yaopharma for investigation and exchange. Liu Qiang, Vice Chairman of China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association and Chairman of Yaopharma, warmly received Chairman Liu Ling’an and the team.

At the symposium, Liu Qiang introduced the development history, development prospects and product research and development of Yaopharma in detail to the guests of Hunan Pharmaceutical Industry Association, and made in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development of Chongqing's pharmaceutical industry in recent years and industrial layout.

Liu Qiang introduced the development history of Yaopharma to the guests

Accompanied by Liu Qiang, Liu Ling'an and his team also visited Yaopharma's history exhibition hall, the Central Research Institute, and the Shuitu International finished product Industrial Base. Through the field investigation, the guests of the association learned more about Yaopharma's production workshop equipment and construction, product coverage, R&D platform and corporate history, and gained more comprehensive understanding of the development of Chongqing's pharmaceutical industry.

Liu Ling'an communicated with everyone 

Liu Ling'an said that he was very happy to see that Chongqing pharmaceutical companies represented by Yaopharma have entered a new stage of high-quality development. In the future development, we must further strengthen the synergy between Hunan and Chongqing pharmaceutical companies, leveraging the complementary advantages of the pharmaceutical industries in both regions, and work together to integrate industrial, commercial and innovative resources to contribute more to the sustainable and healthy development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

Liu Qiang accompanied the guests of the industry association to 

visit Yaopharma Central Research Institute and Factory


Other guests from the Hunan Pharmaceutical Industry Association who participated in the survey were: Honorary President and Founder of Sinopharm Group Hunan Co., Ltd. Yang Kaiwen; Rotating President, Chairman and General Manager of Nanyue Biopharming Corporation Ltd. Xiao Hanzu; Executive Vice President, Chairman of Yifeng Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. (stock code 603939) Gao Yi; Executive Vice President, Director and General Manager of Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. (stock code 000989) Xu Xiangping; Vice President, Chairman of Hunan DJWK Medical Co., Ltd. (stock code 301126) Wang Yiqing; Vice President, Chairman and General Manager of Kamp Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zeng Peian; Chairman and General Manager of Sinocare Biosensor Co.,Ltd (stock code 300298) Li Shaobo; Vice President, Chairman and President of Cofoe Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 301087) Zhang Min; Vice President, Chairman of Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code 603998) Zhou Xiaoli; Vice President, Chairman of Hunan Timesun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhu Guangkui; Vice President, Chairman of Hunan Tong'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Gao Buyun; Vice President, Chairman and General Manager of Hunan Kangerjia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yang Xiaozhou; Vice President, Chairman of Hunan Anheshou Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Ai Teng; Executive Vice President and Secretary General Zeng Hongxi. 

Guests accompanying the investigation were: Zhang Yilong, former President of Chongqing Pharmaceutical Industry Association; Zhang Huirong, Executive President of Yaopharma Group and Chairman of Hunan Dongting Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. and Jiang Jianjun, Secretary General of Chongqing Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

Two parties took group photos