Who We Are

In 1939, at the time of crisis for the Chinese nation, more than 10 professors and students from West China Union University, who witnessed the shortage of medicine in wartime China, founded YaoPharma with the principle of "pursue the self-sufficient of medicine and the development of pharmacy, and share the work of building and rejuvenating the country". After 80 years of development, YaoPharma has been growing into a full-chain pharmaceutical manufacturer and  national high-tech enterprise.


YaoPharma is committed to building the world-leading innovation platform. Focusing on the innovation direction of "New, First and Difficult", YaoPharma has built a research and development system that combines generics and innovative drugs, and formed four innovative platforms: microchannel continuous reaction, impurity separation and synthesis, difficult injectables and sustained/controlled release drug delivery systems. YaoPharma spends 5% of its annual revenue on research and development, and over 60% of its products have been filed in both the U.S. and China.


YaoPharma is committed to building a world-class factory, and further exploring new technologies such as smart manufacturing and continuous manufacturing. Its main APIs passed US and EU cGMP certifications. More than 75% of its APIs are exported to US and EU market. Particularly, it’s the largest API supplier of Clindamycin products for US market. YaoPharma is the first pharmaceutical manufacturer in China with prescription medicine passing Canadian GMP certification, and the first pharmaceutical manufacturer in western China with oral solid line passing US cGMP certification, which is not many among the country. The main finished products have been successfully marketed in US and EU market.


Looking into the future, YaoPharma has set a higher goal to become an innovative and leading international pharmaceutical company, making an effort to help realize the "Healthy China" strategy of.