Contract Manufacture

Contract manufacturing for EU and North America- High quality with reasonable cost

High Quality
  • Equipped with the most advanced pharmaceutical equipment and analytical instrument.
  • All Production lines comply with China GMP requirements. Oral solid production line has Health Canada and US FDA GMP compliance.
  • The partner could select products together with YaoPharma.
  • Expertise in manufacturing sterilized lyophilized powder for injection.
  • State-of-the-art Water Purifying System
  • Automatic packaging line from IMA
  • High speed filling machine,Bosch Germany
Reasonable Cost

Lower cost for material and labor

Large Manufacturing Capacity
  • Capacity of Oral solids is 2 billion tabs per year currently, could be expanded to 5 billion.
  • Capacity of Lyophilized line is among the largest ones in China (more than 200 million vials per year).
  • Oral solid solution preparation line: GLATT
  • Automatic Warehouse
  • API manufacturing Facilities