YaoPharma and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine jointly built "employment and entrepreneurship training base"

08 / 11 / 2019

In early November, YaoPharma and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine held the signing ceremony of "employment and entrepreneurship training base".


Signing ceremony scene

At the signing ceremony, the two sides agreed to build the employment base to serve the national strategy, create jobs and support the work of introduction of talents at the Ph. D. level. Based on the principle of resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine will guide and encourage outstanding graduates to actively find jobs at YaoPharma and actively publicize the basic information of YaoPharma through the campus publicity media. YaoPharma will provide the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in time with rationalized proposals of major setting and talent training, accepting students of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine for related occupational activities, provide as much as possible a safe practice environment for internships and trainees, carry out employment experience exchange training, career planning guidance and professional ability training for students. At the same time, YaoPharma provides help for Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to expand the job market in Chongqing and the pharmaceutical industry.




The both sides discussed details of the cooperation


It is reported that this cooperation has enhanced the influence of YaoPharma in universities and laid a good foundation for further shaping YaoPharma’s employer brand. Both sides indicated that the signing of the "employment and entrepreneurship training base" could not only provide a platform for enterprises to select talents, but also provide more and better options for students to find jobs. In the future, both sides will take this as the basis to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, and continue to explore new "good approach" for cultivating innovative medical talents in the new era.



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Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) is a prestigious university in China with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Chinese materia medica as its leading subjects. It is under the direct supervision of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Founded in 1956, the university, formerly known as Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one of the earliest established institutions of higher learning of TCM approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Since 1996, the university has been listed under the Project 211, as a key construction university. Since 2011, the university has been listed under the Project 985, as an innovation platform for its leading subjects. Since 2017, three disciplines of BUCM have been listed under China’s “Double-First Rate” initiative, i.e. world-class universities and first-class disciplines: traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine and Chinese materia medica. Since 2018, the university became the chairman unit of the teaching steering committee of Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and western medicine major in universities of the Ministry of Education.