Doing public welfare, we are serious

25 / 04 / 2018

In the beginning of 2018, Fosun proposed a target: creating happiness ecosystems in health, happiness and wealth, providing high-quality products and services for 1 billion families around the world.

Being part of Fosun Pharma, YaoPharma always follows the philosophy of “serving human health whole-heartedly”, actively integrating into Fosun’s happiness ecosystems. At the same time, we adhere to the dreams and beliefs of our founders, try to solve health difficulties of family clients. On Jan. 1, 2018, YaoPharma initiated a public welfare program aiming to serve community residents, looking for health difficulties for 50,000 families, and based on their needs, integrate resources in big health area, establish family oriented health records system, help family clients solve their difficulties and make their life happier.


Till now, YaoPharma has entered Yubei District, Jiangbei District, Dadukou District, Jiulongpo District of Chongqing, deeply understands family clients’eager for health. They are often worried not being able to buy the medicines they need, frustrated by the high price, or overwhelmed by not being able to make health check appointments or get inpatient service for family members… in order to solve these difficulties, YaoPharma invited experts from famous hospitals to communities and streets to give lectures and consulting services. In the meanwhile, organize volunteers to promote health knowledge and integrate upstream and downstream resources, helping families solve these difficulties.


Our small target for 2018: doing public welfare needs perseverance and time accumulation. Through YaoPharma’s welfare activities, we hope to bring health solutions to more families, bring them more happiness.