Who We Are

YaoPharma is a pharmaceutical manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing & sales functions, with multiple subsidiaries, and fully complying with Chinese GMP. Its oral solid line passed GMP inspection from Health Canada and US FDA; its API site passed GMP inspection from US FDA, EU EDQM, Australia TGA and Japan PMDA, etc.


80+ years of development, YaoPharma has been growing to a leading pharmaceutical company, with annual sales exceeding 2 billion RMB (about 330 million of USD).With the state-of-the-art equipment, YaoPharma has one of the largest manufacturing capacities for lyophilized products.A number of lyophilized powder products, such as Andrographilide and Reduced Glutathione, consistently enjoy market leadership in China. Its innovative product, Alprostadil Dried Emulsion for Injection has been successfully launched in China market. Over 75% of its APIs are exported to US and EU. Particularly, YaoPharma is the largest API supplier of Clindamycin for a global pharmaceutical company.